Walkthrough Metal Detectors for Qatar World Cup 2022

Entrance security is highly important in Stadiums for organising sports competitions, where intense environment on the field reflects on tribune. Terrorist attacks and other social effects revealed that, stadium security should start from the entrance. Security scan is important to make sure these areas are safe. The Best solution for a stadium’s safety is using walk though scanners.

Stadium security is a sensitive subject which should be handled by professionals and there should be balance between professionals and security devices. To be part of a peaceful environment during sporting events, there should be detailed security protection at stadium entrance. Dangerous and safe metal objects should be distinguished and problem free entrance is provided.

High performance Walkthrough Detector New ThruScan sX-i is compliant with global ECAC, NIJ 0601.02, NIJ 0601.03, and STAC standards, offers quality, affordable, service trust and this device provides a real solution to your security needs, a result of 3-year R&D processes.

With superior properties of walkthrough detector, both dangerous and non-dangerous objects can be distinguished at the entrance of stadiums from bottom to top. Additionally, intense crowd at the entrance of stadium may hamper or slow down security controls. ThruScan New sX-i enables fast scanning (60 people per minute scanning speed) from head to toe and this device has high performance by correctly identifying locations of metals on humans who pass from this door. This way, there will be no time loss in crowded places like stadiums.

You may wonder whether there will be any mistakes in these crowded stadium entrances. We can assure you that with self-test (BITE) property of The New ThruScan sX-i, all errors are automatically shown. This way, security guard can control whether scans are correctly completed.

If there is a power cut in stadium, walkthrough detector can operate for 4 hours with UPS accumulator. This way, your security is never interrupted.

Walkthrough detector New ThruScan sX-i that has IP 65 Protection (EN 60529), EN 60068, EN 60950 class 1, EN 61000-6 compliance certificate, 2002/95/EC compliance can operate at full performance even though this device is subjected to external factors.

Walkthrough detector New ThruScan sX-i has no harm to pregnant women and individuals with heart pacer and there are documents stating this subject.

High performance Walkthrough Detector New ThruScan sX-i that has been manufactured with great care will change regular preferences in security metal detector field and will raise the bar in this field.

We are working with various firms to provide stadium entrance security in World Cup 2022 with our advanced Security Metal Detector New ThruScan sX-i that will be organised in Qatar. We are providing a solution to your walkthrough detector needs for these important events that will host high number of participants. If you really interested in stadium entrance security, new and assertive ThruScan sX-i will be the walkthrough detector you are looking for.