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Spirals in different widths and diameters used in vending machines shelves in order to vend the products...Spirals for vending machines

Can Drinks Metal Slide

Can drinks slide used in vending machines to dispense the drinks more ergonomically 

Mini Icy Powder Based Drinks Starter Package

4 packs of 1000 gr. Orange, Apple, Lemon, Peach powder300 CARTONCups 

Mini Starter Package

1 pack 400 gr.Coffee1 pack 1000 gr. Milk Powder                                                           1 pack1000 gr. Instant Tea                                  …

Midi Kafe Starter Package

1 pack 400 gr. Coffee1 pack  1000 gr. Milk Powder                                                          1 pack  1000 gr.Tea                              …

Maxi Kafe Starter Package

1 pack 400 gr. Coffee1  pack 1000 gr. Milk Powder                                                           1  pack 1000 gr. Tea                            …