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Aqua-Vend - Bus Vending Machine

Compact water Vending Machines, specially made of Buses. Single selection Column Vending Machine – 33 product capacity – 500 ml Bottles 32-bit high-quality ARM Microprocessor Fixed Payment system via Coin Selector Robust Metal Casing Double – Level Lock Mechanism Static Cooling System maintaining the temperature at +8oC via Mechanic Thermostat Secure Double-Fuse protected Electrical system.…

Supplement Vendor

Supplement Vendor is our new vending machine for Fitness Centres and Gyms. Provides six different drinks which no other can provide. It is the perfect Vendor to avoid clumps in your protein drinks. The mixing is as strong as shaken by hand for more than 200 times. The only one if its kind. EASY PRODUCT LOADING 100 CUPS/HOUR CAPACITIVE TOUCH KEYPAD SPECIAL DESIGN 18-30 SEC DELIVERY TIME 330 CUP CAPACITY…


 Accepts Banknotes and changes to coins. Can be used in places where number of Vending Machines are in operation, to eliminate the need of several payment mechanisms.300 banknotes, 1000 of 1 Euro coins or 1200 of 50 cent coins can fit in the hopper.

Change Giver and Card Recharging Machine

Change Giver and Card Recharging Machine Can change bank-notes into coins of 3 different denominations Loading Terminal for MiFare® cards or other smart cards Communicates with Coin Selectors, Bill Validator and Cashless Payment Systems via MDB Protocol Bill Validator with high storage capacity can stack up to 300 banknotes Three coin hoppers; each hopper has approx. 1000 coins storage capacity Durable…

Electronic Box Vending Machine

The Electronic Box Vending Machine gets its name from the products it can sell boxed products of various sizes! Its three-axis adjustable columns can be calibrated according to buyer's requirements to fit the required box size. One button product selection after inserting the right coin is all that is required by its users to get their desired products. The mechanism of the Electronic Box Vending…

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