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Kiosk for ThruScan sX-i Walk Through Metal Detector

ThruScan sX-i Walk Through Metal Detector (WTMD) can be combined with a Kiosk to form a real time monitoring of a security entrance. The Kiosk controls the settings of the ThruScan sX-i (WTMD) and saves the pictures taken by the camera. Photos of the alarmed visitors and reports can be viewed later on the kiosk SRS-SCADA software provides the remote control. A reporting feature is available in the…

WTMD Carrier Bag

WTMD Carrier BagThis is a strong bag designed to carry the side panels of Walk Through Metal DetectorsIt can also serve as a storage bag to protect the WTMD from environmental effects, when it's not in use.

WTMD Transportation Trolley

The Walk Through Metal Detector Transportation Trolley provides easy and practical transportation facility of the detector from one place to anotherIt can be used when a WTMD location needs to be frequently changed

Object Sliding Table

Object Sliding Table is a Must Have product for professional Security Checkpoint Concealed Weapons Detection applications. It is made of rugged ;ABS material or MDF lam used for WTMDs and its special design sliding part on the top provides ease of use and comfort for the visitors.There are 2 alternative Metal Objects Sliding Tables:REGULAR (portable, light and wide)SLIM (Solid, sturdy, heavy, slim)REGULAR…

Spare Battery Group

With this optional battery unit you can use your detector in locations where mains power supply is not available. We provide 4-8-12 hours of operation on demand. The units can be used outside environment with IP65 protection

ABS Rain Shelter

Your walk through metal detector will be protected from external elements with this rain shelter. It prevents direct sunlight. There are special canals taking away the water and preventing it to reach the electronic units.It can be used in all our models